Millennium Bulk Terminals Granted First Permit

Critical Areas Permit marks another milestone for the export project

SEATTLE — Issuance of the first permit needed for the construction of the Millennium Bulk Terminals export terminal marks another major step for the project, after five years of regulatory evaluation and review.

The Critical Areas Permit issued by the Cowlitz County Department of Building and Planning is designed to protect fish habitat and wetland areas. Issuance of the permit is a positive reflection on the effort Millennium has put into its plans for this project, said Mariana Parks, spokeswoman for the Alliance for Northwest Jobs & Exports.

“The fact that Cowlitz County has granted this permit means the county has accepted Millennium’s plan to protect these critical areas,” said Parks. “This is a significant next step for this project, which has undergone more than five years of environmental review and scrutiny. Families in Cowlitz County continue to wait for economic development that will generate good jobs and much-needed tax revenue. The issuance of the Critical Areas Permit represents a landmark moment in this process, the first step of many more toward building this facility and bringing jobs to Cowlitz County.”