Washington Building Trades Support Millennium’s Longview Project

Expanding the job market should be one of Washington’s top priorities. That’s why it’s encouraging to see organizations in our state standing up for trade infrastructure projects that will provide opportunities to thousands of people. At its 2017 Convention, the Washington Building and Construction Trades Council demonstrated its commitment to projects that will generate family-wage jobs in our state by passing a resolution declaring support for Millennium’s proposed export terminal in Longview.

The Washington Building Trades advance the needs of working people by coordinating efforts between local unions and other allies to establish a unified voice for building trades workers and ensure safe and equitable labor practices. The council understands the value of strong infrastructure projects like Millennium Bulk Terminals-Longview and “pledges to continue to work in all possible ways for the successful permitting and construction” of the facility.

Millennium President and CEO Bill Chapman expressed encouragement and gratitude for the Washington Building Trades’ endorsement. “Millennium appreciates the Washington Building Trades’ continuous support and are honored that their membership reasserted their commitment to our project. The hard work and dedication of the Washington Building Trades is helping advance the growth of our region and state, especially where unemployment is still high in Southwest Washington. We look forward to having the men and women of labor unions on our job site soon,” he said.

This resolution reflects the way Millennium strives to ensure mutual benefit for local communities in all its business practices. The company will employ 2,600 people to build the terminal, and has committed to using union labor to complete the project in a safe and ethical manner. Upon completion, the terminal will sustain 300 family-wage jobs, greatly expanding opportunity in Cowlitz County. The Washington Building Trades’ resolution also emphasized several of the terminal’s other benefits, including the $37.2 million in state tax revenue and $5.9 million in county tax revenue it will generate annually.

Mike Bridges, president, Longview/Kelso Building Trades, IBEW Local 48, highlighted the local excitement behind Millennium’s project. “Longview is a working-class town built on the natural resources industry with a deep-water port on the Columbia River,” he said. “Millennium is a transformational project. They will breathe new life into our historically industrial community – and they have already taken considerable steps to prove they deserve our support.”

The Washington Building Trades’ resolution in support of Millennium affirms that citizens of Washington understand and value the positive impact the Longview terminal will have on the surrounding communities. After more than five years of intense review, during which the Washington Building Trades say Millennium has “gone above and beyond the local, state, and federal requirements,” it’s time to put people to work building a safe, efficient facility. Hopefully, this resolution will remind the rest of the state – especially regulators who have been dragging their feet – just how valuable this project is to the working people of Longview.

Read the full resolution here.