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The Pacific Northwest is one of America’s strongest regional trade economies with more than one in four jobs tied to the industry. The Alliance for New Jobs and Exports is a non-profit trade organization that supports new export projects in Oregon and Washington State that will create thousands of new jobs and raise millions in tax revenue for our schools and other services.

Our Mission: Expanding Trade. Growing Our Economy. Creating New Jobs

Here in the Northwest, trade is critical to our economic growth, to job creation and to our place in the U.S. economy. We have an opportunity today, to expand our trade with Asia and the rest of the world, and improve our regional economy.

This opportunity is driven by the demand for affordable energy from countries like Japan, South Korea, and China. Meeting that demand will provide over a billion dollars in new, private investment from coal companies, railroads, and port operators to expand existing Washington ports and rail infrastructure.

Expanding trade benefits our entire region – opening new markets for farmers and other Northwest commodities, creating needed jobs for skilled labor, and generating millions in new tax revenue to support key community services like schools and first responders.

We are here to answer your questions. Learn more about the proposed export terminals.

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