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The proposed export projects have been debated in cities throughout the Northwest. With so much discussion, it’s imperative we make sure the facts are known.

These projects will make a huge, positive impact in our communities. With 1 in 4 jobs tied to the trade industry, these new ports will create thousands of jobs, generate millions in tax revenue and allow our region to remain competitive in international trade.

Read the fact sheets, share them with your friends and learn more about each of the proposed projects below.

Learn About the Proposed Projects:

The Morrow Pacific Project will create a new export route to transport low-sulfur coal from the Intermountain region to countries along the Pacific Rim. Exports will be transported from Oregon’s Port of Morrow down the Columbia River. If approved, the proposed train route to the Port of Morrow would help create over 1000 permanent jobs in rural Oregon, increase the tax base for the communities involved and provide voluntary contributions to K-12 schools in Morrow County, Oregon.

Millennium Bulk Coal Export Terminal

The proposed Millennium Bulk Coal Export Terminal would serve as a state-of-the-art storage and loading facility. The site is located in Cowlitz County, Washington, and would provide thousands of temporary and permanent jobs in addition to millions of dollars in tax revenues.

Gateway Pacific Terminal

This terminal would be one of the largest and most technologically advanced full-service, dry bulk commodity export-import facilities. The Gateway Pacific Terminal, which would be located in Cherry Point, Washington, and would create more than 4,000 temporary construction jobs and roughly 1,000 permanent jobs once constructed. The site would also be one of the area’s biggest taxpayers, with over $4 million paid annually

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