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Now more than ever, communities across the Northwest need well-paying jobs that can support our families and improve our quality of life. Building new export facilities would provide just that: thousands of new family-wage jobs. Additionally, these projects plan to invest billions of dollars in constructing new export terminals, improving existing ones and upgrading our transportation infrastructure. That’s exactly the boost we need.

This investment in the Northwest’s most important industry is an investment in our future. The planned construction and upgrades will allow us to be at the forefront of a growing and internationally-competitive industry for generations to come.

To turn our economy around, we need to rely on our strengths. One in four jobs in the region is tied to the trade industry, and these proposed projects are the chance to expand on that strength.

Did you know?

Estimates suggest that thousands of permanent, family-wage jobs will be created through project development, with thousands of additional jobs generated in connected and supporting industries. jobs in Imports and Exports

Developers of three terminals have pledged that private port investments of roughly $2 billion will be made if the projects reach full capacity.

The number of employed construction workers in both Oregon and Washington State is lat one of its lowest points in a decade. New infrastructure projects would be a huge boost to the states’ construction industries. The Gateway Pacific Terminal alone would employ more than 4,000 people in construction for about two years.

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